Electronic lockers for Toverland visitors

Theme Park Toverland chose to have the electronic locker system custom-made with the wishes and image that the park wanted. For example, the park itself supplied a design (user interface) which was programmed into the screen. For the visitors, the use is very simple and no difficult actions are required. Users can rent a locker for a certain period in advance (via internet or a voucher) or during the visit.


Using the terminal, visitors can indicate which locker (number) they wish to use and enter their own 4-digit code. The visitor can choose to have this code sent by email so that the code + safe number can always be retrieved if forgotten. As soon as the time has been entered for which period of time the safe must be rented, payment can be made with coins or contactless, the visitor can also indicate whether he or she wishes to receive an invoice or transaction slip (this is a legal obligation). If the visitor returns later than the specified time period, the visitor will have to pay an additional fee before the locker can be opened.


The lockers can also be remotely managed by the locker management system. This system allows the administrator to analyze the statistics and use of the lockers.

Allow visitors to store their personal belongings against payment. So that they can enjoy a carefree visit to the theme park, for example.

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