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Are you looking for a safe and reliable locker system for employees of a hospital or healthcare institution, then our Ubilock locker system is the solution. Ubilock can be equipped with all the functions and options you want to provide your employees with a safe storage system.

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Safe and reliable

Your challenge
It is important for personnel of a hospital or healthcare institution that they can store their personal belongings and (work) clothing in a safe and above all hygienic manner. In addition, it is also important that employees can use a locker at any time, both at night and during the day. The administrator or person with ultimate responsibility for the lockers has access to the locker management system via the Cloud. This gives the administrator complete control over the use and settings of the lockers.

Our solution
The Ubilock locker system has been extensively extended and supports shift work, with a dynamic locker allocation ensuring optimized locker use. The lockers can be set in combination for alternating and fixed use, which means that you can choose which employees are assigned a permanent locker and which employees are dynamically assigned a locker. Via the locker management system, the administrator has access to all kinds of different options and functions, such as scheduling a cleaning, granting certain rights to employees, viewing the locker use and adding or removing new users. At the bottom of this page you will find a more extensive overview of all possibilities regarding the Ubilock locker system for hospitals.

Leading in lockers
Good hygiene is of paramount importance to hospitals and care institutions. Partly because of this, we supply lockers that are equipped with completely smooth doors, which makes cleaning very easy. An employee can use a locker via a central terminal, whereby the locker door pops open automatically, so that handles or levers are unnecessary on the doors, this prevents contact, which benefits hygiene.

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Functions & possibilities

The Ubilock locker system has many functions and possibilities, see the overview below

System linking

Our system can link to an Active directory or your current access control system. This way your employees can continue to use any current personnel cards. You can also easily add and remove new users in the locker management software.

Schedule cleaning

The administrator can schedule a cleaning period via the system, during which designated lockers cannot be used temporarily. This allows a cleaning service to quietly clean the lockers.

Authentication possible

Lockers can be opened and operated the way you want; badge, tag, (existing) staff card, pin code, RF-ID card, QR code, Barcode, Smartphone or finger scan.

Cloud management

As an administrator you can log in to the online platform of the locker system, in which you can manage the lockers or give users certain rights. This can be done on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

View history

The administrator can easily view the history of locker use. In this way, the administrator can immediately see any abuse of the lockers.

Fixed or variable use

The lockers can be set for alternating or fixed use. Alternating use means that the locker system dynamically assigns a locker to a user (ideal for shifts)

Central terminal

One or more central terminals (depending on the amount of lockers) will be placed in the locker arrangement. Employees and administrators can open and operate the lockers via this touchscreen.


The locker doors can be equipped with an LED indicator, for example green when a locker is free, red when a locker is occupied and blue when a locker is blocked.

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